Tendinopathy is estimated to affect 1 in 10 people during their lifetimes (1.4 million cases/year EU/US)[1]. Currently, the best treatment, physiotherapy, only benefit 50% of cases. To treat tendinopathy, we have developed TenoMiR (CWT-001), a microRNA replacement therapy which directly targets critical disease pathways restoring tendons to normal structure and function. We have shown that a single local injection of TenoMiR improves tendon healing in pre-clinical models[2],[3].

TenoMiR is unique in directly targeting the critical collagen production changes associated with tendinopathy. Unlike other therapies, TenoMiR has a well-defined mode of action that is supported by a wealth of scientific data. Moreover, treatment with TenoMiR does not require invasive biopsies and can be delivered at the point of initial diagnosis, initiating recovery at the very earliest time.

In a recent Phase 1b clinical trial in patients suffering from lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), TenoMiR appeared safe and well tolerated.

A multi-centre Phase 2 study, with efficacy endpoints (elbow function, pain, and tendon regeneration), will start recruiting summer of 2023. This study includes centres in the US, The Netherlands and the UK.

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